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Hello and welcome to Ecocessorize ♥.We are a new environmentally friendly online accesory store with a twist. Here at ecocessorize we stock a range of items that help reduce YOUR rubbish. Soon we hope to be a up and running business whereby you can order some of our amazing products via the order form on our homepage. Feel free to also reply back to us if you liked our products, the photos of some of the products should be up soon so you can see what is coming in the near future. When you send us a email, we personally read through your order and check it with the owner and then once everything has been checked we will send a reply email and then we will ask you to pay , the way you pay has to be decided as the manager and I will have to discuss this very carefully, then from 3 days after our verification email has been  sent to you, you will receive your order by post! and don't forget to check out are offers page, for money off.
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